As the world becomes more globalised, more and more people are living abroad and travelling the world becoming true global citizens. The result of this is that the international property market is going to be the next major market to open up. Kyron travels the world, exploring new countries and looking into emerging property markets whilst building his portfolio of international properties.

OR as Kyron likes to say “I travel the world meeting awesome people and taking my community on transformational experiences whilst we buy properties in amazing locations”

Kyron is the founder of FreedomCo – a global portfolio providing medium term accommodation for location independent global citizens to co-live, co-work and co-own. Which is backed up the The Freedom Investor Network – taking our members out on excursions to discover new markets, transform and grow as investors, learn new skills and strategies and secure their wealth, allowing them to create freedom, build wealth and do awesome.

He is the author of the best-selling ‘The Freedom Investor Blueprint’. Click here to buy on Amazon

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Freedom Investor TV is a weekly publication (airing Thursdays) and walks viewers through a step by step process on how to invest in property. In FiTV, Kyron shares the process he has used to create freedom, he shares updates on his deals and properties, he shares how to make the most money in the least amount of time and ultimately how you too can create freedom and build wealth.
Every week brings a new exotic location and new piece of advice on how you too could be living your dream life.

FreedomCO properties provide medium term accommodation for location independent entrepreneurs and global citizens. Providing a community to co-live, co-work whilst also providing co-ownership opportunities.

The Freedom Investor Network, is a learning network of global property investors looking to create freedom and build wealth.


For those of you who have been following along, I am attempting a 10×10 challenge as I travel the world and attempt 10 different property deals in different countries around the world. My first stop was Valencia in Spain, and OMG I loved it there.

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A new era of freedom

I thought I had achieved it. I had finally arrived in Europe and I was free, I didn’t have to work and I could do whatever I wanted. Turns out whatever I wanted meant sit on the couch and watch Netflix for a month. Not quite what I was expecting freedom to taste...
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What is the worst that can happen?

I was working on the oil rigs when I had a mentor ask me: “What would you do if it all went wrong? What would you do if you took that leap of faith, quit your job, started a new venture and everything went belly up? What is the worst that can happen?” I...
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RBNZ cuts interest rates

Today the Reserve Bank of New Zealand just announced another interest rate cut by 25 basis points bringing the OCR down to the lowest it has ever been: 2% What makes this so interesting is that it is a growing trend around the world with Australia only having cut...
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Working with Kyron has been fantastic in terms of opening my mind, thinking outside of the box and uncovering multiple opportunities.

Phil Hewetson

It is great to have someone who has a lot of experience in property, someone who is there to be like “Yes, that is a good deal” or to help me crunch the numbers, or to know when a good deal is coming up.

Walter Nielands

Working with Kyron is definitely something that I would recommend, you need to get educated and getting professional support and advice is first and foremost as it helps you to think about the things you haven’t thought about before.

Phil Winter

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