“On a mission to help those who live outside the system to have a place to call home”



“We empower people to live and invest anywhere in the world, so that they can live the life they want to live”

As the world becomes more globalised, more and more people are living abroad and travelling the world becoming true global citizens. The result of this is that the international property market is opening up – however there is a lack of a clear leader in this market. Kyron is the leading learner in the international property market,  traveling the world, exploring new countries and investigating emerging property markets whilst building an international portfolio of medium term accommodation properties for Location Independent Entrepreneurs to live free.




FreedomCo: Co-Live, Co-Work, Co-Own amazing properties around the globe

and so it begins. Last year my mentor challenged me to do 10 different property deals all in different countries as I travelled the world. This is what I call my 10x10 challenge. However things didn't quite go as planned. First I had no choice of which country I was...
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FreedomCo Property #1 – Rivendell, Canggu, Bali

We signed the lease on our first FreedomCo property: Introducing "Rivendell Canggu' Our first Live in resort for global citizens.
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A new era of freedom

I thought I had achieved it. I had finally arrived in Europe and I was free, I didn't have to work and I could do whatever I wanted. Turns out whatever I wanted meant sit on the couch and watch Netflix for a month. Not quite what I was expecting freedom to taste like....
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What is the worst that can happen?

I was working on the oil rigs when I had a mentor ask me: "What would you do if it all went wrong? What would you do if you took that leap of faith, quit your job, started a new venture and everything went belly up? What is the worst that can happen?" I replied with:...
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RBNZ cuts interest rates

Today the Reserve Bank of New Zealand just announced another interest rate cut by 25 basis points bringing the OCR down to the lowest it has ever been: 2% What makes this so interesting is that it is a growing trend around the world with Australia only having cut...
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FreedomCo properties provide medium term accommodation for location independent entrepreneurs and global citizens. Providing a community to co-live, co-work whilst also providing co-ownership opportunities.


The Freedom Investor Network, is a learning network of global property investors coming together to share their knowledge and experience with other investors. The FIN is THE go to place for global investing advice and connections.



When it comes to investing, you can either choose one market and find the best strategy that fits that market, or one strategy and find the best market that fits that strategy. In the first… Learn More


A fast paced, highly engaged programme designed to push you out of your comfort zones allowing you to overcome the biggest obstacles that prevent most first time investors…
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Property is simply a vehicle to get you to where you want to be. Through the Freedom Investor Blueprint, you will identify what your purpose in investing is, inform yourself on all…
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