Working out yields

Now one of the most important things that you need to know about when you’re investing in property or out finding deals is how to work out the yield. Now yield is a word we’ve often heard, but many people, while they might know what it means, they don’t fully understand it.


Manipulating yields to create profit

In the last yield video, I taught you how to work out what yield is. Today, I’m going to teach you a very advanced strategy on how to make money by playing with yields. As we talked about, the higher the yield, the better. Now, if the rent increases but the purchase price stays the same,


It is so easy to manipulate statistics

Hey guys. Check it out, summer’s on it’s way how exciting is that?

Now, we’re not quite at Australia levels where it’s 31 degrees at 8.30 in the morning, but I mean, 6.30 at night and I’m still in a t-shirt, I cannot be complaining.


Fire yourself from your business

But one thing I’ve just experienced, I’ve just got off a Skype call with some of the guys back home, and I started to get, when I was in New Zealand, I started to get a bit lethargic and a little bit sick of looking for properties and all that.


Extreme Makeover

Hey it’s Kyron here. Now it’s been awhile since I’ve actually done a renovation or any work but what I’m doing now is extreme makeover home edition, Kyron’s version. Now I’m actually at my grandparent’s place and I think for me, one of the things about doing everything I’ve learned is being able to apply those same skills and help family members out.


Don’t tell me what you can’t do

Throughout our investing life, there’s a lot of things which aren’t going to go our way, and there’s a lot of things we can’t control. You know, you can’t control interest rates. You can’t control the government’s laws. You can’t control your local and your global economy. A lot of unsuccessful investors blame their lack of success on these things. One of my favorite sayings comes from Steve McKnight.


Chasing the market

Hey there, it’s Kyron here. Has anybody heard of chasing the market? What this is generally the term is used when the market’s going down. Say you’re trying to sell your property and it’s a $400,000 property. However now, the market’s saying it’s only $380,000, but you’re stuck on $400,000. You really want that $400,000.


Are you a complainer, or do you take action

Hello. Not so long ago, there was a Herald article in which I was featured in it with another young Kiwi, just praising how there are people out there taking steps to a better financial future. Obviously there’s a lot of whinging and complaining going on in the market at the moment as people are suddenly getting outpriced.