What if a neighbourhood could grow all its own food, create its own power and handle its own waste? Weaning itself from the governments nipple and looking after all its own utilities and food – well one neighbourhood in the Netherlands is doing just that – ReGen Village.

I have mentioned in other posts how we are starting to see cities take charge of their own rules and own ideas about how that city should be going forward, ReGen Village shows us how this can happen at an even smaller scale as well.

We are starting to see communities come together, live together and look after each other without the need for government intervention. ReGen Village aims to be a closed loop system – here is how they envisage the food cycle working:
Any household waste that can be composted will feed livestock or soldier flies. The soldier flies will feed fish, and fish waste will fertilize an aquaculture system that produces fruit and vegetables for the homes. Seasonal gardens will be fertilized by waste from the livestock.

How will this effect how we live and think about property ? Well CEO James Ehrlich says:
“We are redefining residential real-estate development by creating these regenerative neighborhoods, looking at first these greenfield pieces of farmland where we can produce more organic food, more clean water, more clean energy, and mitigate more waste than if we just left that land to grow organic food or do permaculture there.”