I thought I had achieved it.
I had finally arrived in Europe and I was free, I didn’t have to work and I could do whatever I wanted.
Turns out whatever I wanted meant sit on the couch and watch Netflix for a month.

Not quite what I was expecting freedom to taste like. What’s more, I had just flown to the otherside of the world due to a rather cute Dutch girl, who proceeded to tell me in typical Dutch bluntness
“You were really attractive before when you were trying to achieve goals and now you don’t do anything. I am finding you less and less attractive”

Well that was a slap in the fact, but the great thing about the Dutch is that they are honest to a fault.

So with that I needed to come up with something new, something that would energise me, and push me to keep going – hence I started up the Freedom Investor and started mentoring other property investors on how they could create freedom through property too.

Now this drew up a whole heap of new issues – I wanted to keep my current free lifestyle, it was really important that I didn’t just fall back into another job, however the entrepreneurial spirit in me wanted to build something epic and alas it all morphed into what The Freedom Investor is today – an opportunity for me to leverage off the best technology platforms out there in order to guide and mentor other property investors into freedom.

Now I can still travel the world enjoying my life and checking out the different property markets around the world and still deliver value to all my students, whilst building up a business and following my entrepreneurial pathI love it.

Regardless of what level you are at with your investing, you can still create levels of freedom within your life today.