Aaron Cattel

Aaron Cattel


Having done a few deals in New Zealand, Aaron decided to head off to London, but not before spending a few months on the beaches of Thailand and Philippines where Aaron was able to continue to flip properties in NZ whilst chilling by the pool. He was able to do this by using modern day communication technologies, literally allowing him to run his business from his phone.


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About The Episode:

Hear out Aaron as he tells us about his journey from his first property and mindset-changing oppotunities to filling up his bank account while having the time of his life at a beach in Thailand or the Philippines!

Show Notes:

03:42 “If I have enough properties then I don’t have to work, I guess the word freedom is always used.”

05:49 “People say it’s expensive and too hard, so what?”

06:27 “At the beggining it was quite difficult. I think it comes down to making a business around it.”

10:52 “I want passive income so I could stay on the beach in the Thailand or the Philippines.

11:14 “It’s all about teaming up with the people.”

22:16 “Anybody can do it, you just have to take that step and that risk.”


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