What if your urine could be utilised to create enough electricity to power your house for an entire week? If this was the case then there would be more than enough energy to cover the worlds needs – after all, think how many times everyone in your home pees.

Well a Mexican professor at the University of Sonora has discovered just that and it can be used to heat water, warm the home and even cook food. By storing urine in 8 inch cubed tanks and adding a tiny bit of electricity, the gases can be extracted and turned into a bio fuel. This solution is obviously going to be a game changer in poorer communities where people can’t even afford to buy gas, and it will change how western toilets operate as in the past we have literally been pissing away money.

This will also change how we view public toilets (think council run energy programmes) how companies are able to make money (hotels and offices get an extra revenue stream and of course everyones expenses will come right down. Not to mention removing the need for the massive infrastructure that sewage brings with it.

Currently such a battery costs $420 however they are working on bringing that cost right down.