This paint conducts electricity

Jun 22
Could this be the biggest breakthrough in housing since the advent of the house 3d printer? As we move towards a world where houses are becoming demonetized, we need to find ways to overcome the large costs associated with housing. Whilst a 3D printer can eliminate the building costs, this is only a small part of the total bill. This new start up has managed to remove the need for wiring by creating a paint

This tiny house charity is helping the poor get into houses.

Jun 20
Doesn’t everyone deserve a home? Fighting for equality for everyone, this Detroit Charity is using tiny houses to help homeless and disadvantaged people to get into their own homes. Whats more there is no mortgage repayments, simply the repayment of the cost of materials, it prevents people from being further enslaved and given the fact the majority of people create their wealth via their own home, this allows them to build up equity within an

Is a Universal Basic Income the next step in Human Evolution?

Jun 19
What if failure was an option? What if when you failed there was a safety net? How would that change the risks you take, whether you work for an employer or whether you start up your own business. These are some of the many questions posed by this very interesting article that talks about Universal Basic Income and if it could be the next step in human evolution. If you haven’t heard of UBI –

Tesla has a competitor and they are 33% cheaper

Jun 17
Tesla now have competition when it comes to their solar roof and it is cheaper and quicker to install. This is massive news for us consumers as this not only proves that the product is viable, the competition also creates a price war with us being the ultimate winner. Lets hope more competition enters the game soon.

Graphene paint!

Jun 07
The most sustainable and eco-friendly paint in the world – is being released onto UK shelves and it contains graphene. If you have been living under a rock, graphene is a revolutionary new material due to its strength and conductivity. Thanks to the Graphene Company, you can now buy paint that is 98% lime and has graphene mixed into it at one atom thick. This makes the paint thinner and covers more area, however it