What would you be doing with your life, if money wasn’t an issue?

Property is simply a vehicle to get you to where you want to be.
Through the Freedom Investor Blueprint, you will identify what your purpose in investing is, inform yourself on all the different strategies in order to gain the knowledge you need to invest safely and wisely, before implementing everything you have learnt .

This is our flagship programme, it is a solid 12 month programme that nurtures and supports you through your investing and keeping you on track to achieving your dream life.

As everyones goals are personal to them, so too should be your investing strategy.
Everybody begins with different resources, time availability, skills, knowledge and capital, therefore the Freedom Investor Blueprint is personalised to ensure you are getting the right information, taking the right next steps to help you achieve your goal.

The blueprint is designed to give you the skills and knowledge on how to become an effective investor, anywhere in the world. It specialises in teaching you how to take an entrepreneurial approach to your investing to ensure you can always do a deal regardless of whether the bank says yes or no.

What the programme includes:

  • 3 month, online, self study guide
  • Fortnightly implementation group webinars
  • Live updates on market conditions
  • VIP Facebook group to connect with other students
  • Calculators, Templates and Checklists
  • Joint Venture opportunities
  • Excusive access to property finding opportunities 


How is it different to other courses?

  • The Freedom Investor Blueprint is personalised to your situation, to your current resources and to your goals. Unlike other courses where educators simply supply generic knowledge to the group, the information you receive will be relevant to you.
  • It is designed to empower you to develop the skills and knowledge to be able to do the deals by yourself. It is not designed to be done for you, thus trapping you as a member forever.
  • It gives you the skills to do this anywhere from anywhere – have you ever noticed a lot of educators don’t seem to walk the walk? Well I am actually out travelling the world, doing property deals around the globe and living my life to the fullest.
  • It is about freedom. I work to unleash people’s potential. If you are simply interested in living the Wolf of Wall Street life, then this is NOT the course for you. My students have a mission in life (something bigger than themselves) and I work hard to ensure they can achieve that.

Can my partner join too?
Yes, I actually encourage it. Limited to bed partners or business partners. I firmly believe that your partner should be your biggest supporter and regardless of how involved they are in the programme themselves, then they should at least have an insight into what you are trying to do.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we offer a discount on the original price for a one off payment, and offer a monthly plan as well.

Will I be locked into a contract?
No. Sometimes peoples circumstances change and I completely understand that.

What if the course doesn’t have what I thought it did?
The course is designed to grow with the students needs. Simply tell me why the course isn’t working for you and I will create or find the information/resources that you require.

I can’t get bank finance, should I still do your course?
Of course, this is what I specialise in. As long as you currently have a steady income then I can work with you to do property deals


The Freedom Investor

Hear it from my students themselves

In order to give my students the maximum amount of my time and attention they deserve, I only take on a couple of new students per month. Enrolment is strictly by application only. If you would like to find out more about working with me then click the apply button below.

From here you will be taken to application page, once you have submitted your application form you will be given a link to book a 10 minute conversation with me so that we can get to know each other and see if it will be a good fit to work together.