In a move that is seriously going to decrease the amount of time it takes for self driving cars to be a normality, Baidu – the google of China, has just announced it will be releasing its software for free allowing all Chinese car companies to start implementing the software.

This move completely democratises the process and will see a massive race as car manufacturers compete to become the leader in this new market. Will this have impacts outside of China?
Probably, where international companies take on Baidu’s software for their own market, or whether Google and other self driving car software developers then do the same, there is no doubt that this international race is only going to benefit us as we see self driving cars come into fruition earlier.

This will really impact how we live and work, and will redefine the definition of a car – by removing the drivers seat and the steering wheel, all of a sudden many new opportunities arise, from being able to have a portable office that you can work in on your way to your permanent office, to having a fully autonomous self driving house, to one person taxi pods.

When this happens location kind of becomes irrelevant as what is currently a 1 hour commute into the city will become a 15 minute leisurely drive.

The future is closer than you think

The “Google of China” Is Releasing a Self-Driving Operating System for Free