A fast paced, highly engaged programme designed to push you out of your comfort zones allowing you to overcome the biggest obstacles that prevent most first time investors, whilst helping existing investors realign their portfolio to helping them achieve the outcome they desire…
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When it comes to investing, you can either choose one market and find the best strategy that fits that market, or one strategy and find the best market that fits that strategy. In the first… Learn More


Our flagship programme – Property is simply a vehicle to get you to where you want to be. Through the Freedom Investor Blueprint, you will identify what your purpose in investing is, inform yourself on all…
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It is great to have someone who has a lot of experience in property, someone who is there to be like “Yes, that is a good deal” or to help me crunch the numbers, or to know when a good deal is coming up.

Walter Neilands

Working with Kyron is definitely something that I would recommend, you need to get educated and getting professional support and advice is first and foremost as it helps you to think about the things you haven’t thought about before.

Phil Winter