Flying Cars could be here sooner than you thought.
Toyota is teaming up with Cartivator Resource Management to help develop a flying car that will play a special part in the upcoming Olympic games.

Whilst the last couple of years has seen major car companies and tech giants in a race to launch self driving cars, somewhere along the way, autonomous flying cars became a reality and it now looks like they will be entering the market shortly after self driving cars, which will mean a massive shakeup for the auto industry, for the taxi industry, not to mention airlines.

The other party involved which will be largely effected are the transport departments within governments as the decrease in cars using roads means less petrol tax, less tolls and we will start to see a stalemate with who pays for the road repairs as well as the question of should they even be repaired.

It is definitely going to be an interesting time.

Toyota Is Eager to Bring a Flying Car to the 2020 Olympics