and so it begins.
Last year my mentor challenged me to do 10 different property deals all in different countries as I travelled the world. This is what I call my 10x10 challenge.
However things didn’t quite go as planned.
First I had no choice of which country I was interested in. As we were travelling with Remote Year, our itinerary was already planned, and therefore I had to simply explore the countries we were booked in to visit – as I soon discovered, many of these countries were not somewhere I would be interested in investing.┬áSo now we have changed our strategy and are solely focussed on achieving this 10x10 challenge by turning it into a proper business.

Introducing FreedomCo – a medium term accommodation provider for digital nomads and other location independent entrepreneurs, where our guests can co-live with like minded people and stay in flow.

I have changed my strategy to be focussed around the countries I am most interested in purchasing in and travelling there, I have also expanded the business to include team members who will be helping me to achieve this goal. From Jason who is the property manager overseeing the running of the business, to Merlijn who is running all the figures and measuring our progress behind me. From Victor who is helping me to connect with property investors in the various countries.

No longer is it just me doing the work, but I have an entire team working beside me to help me achieve this goal.