Thousands of households in Perth's southern suburbs will be forced to recycle their kitchen scraps for compost in a WA-first trial.

Posted by 9 News Perth on Thursday, April 20, 2017

In a bid to cut down on waste going to the landfills 9000 households in the Southern Perth city of Melville will be taking part in a trial where they get an extra bin for vegetation, food scraps and even doggy doo.

The council is then going to be using this green waste to make compost from with the potential to use left over waste to create electricity.
Whilst not cutting edge technology in itself, it is another step in the right direction towards minimising the amount of waste being put into landfills, with the goal of having absolutely zero waste. Many trials and systems occur around the world, however this is the first I have seen undertaken at a government level.

As more and more people start to realise that looking after our planet is actually a good thing ( I know right) we will see more initiatives like this take place and we will really be able to make a positive impact on this planet.

Well done Melville and I hope it all works out as planned.