The Watly machine, created by an Italian-Spanish start-up of the same name, has the mission to provide electricity, clean water, and Internet services that could transform lives and economies across rural Africa.

The machine uses solar panels to create electricity, this powers a patented water treatment system that uses a graphene-based filtering process, before the water is boiled and then distilled. The process can deliver 5,000 liters of safe drinking water each day.

The battery also powers a connectivity hub that provides wireless internet access within an 800-meter radius, and a charging station for electronic and mobile devices.

Whilst this may seem strange for us, you need to realise that two thirds of sub saharan Africa lacks access to electricity and 39% have no access to clean water. By then connecting them to the internet, it gives local entrepreneurs access to all the tech we have at our finger tips whilst providing them with banking resources and trade possibilities that they never had before.

Such a clever device could be a major stepping stone for these people to get out of poverty and focus on bigger more meaningful problems – not to mention the fact that Africa is going to be the next major market we see open up and boom, much like the current Chinese boom.