What would happen if there was no such thing as traffic?
Well at least not in the sense of how we know it today. Elon Musk (who else) has recently come out with his “Boring Machine” that is going to tunnel under Los Angeles and send future cars at 130 mph underground to help stop congestion as well as elimination pollution plus noise.

With many touting that flying cars are going to bring as many problems as they do solutions, Elon decided to go underground and create a network of tunnels that can take self driving cars across the city at record speeds, the tunnels would naturally also contain a hyperloop.

Elon is now working to create the technology that will make all this possible, given current boring machines work at 1/14th of the speed of a snail and cost $1b per mile to create.

If (or since it is Elon we should say When) this becomes a reality it is seriously going to change how we live and what we consider to be a commutable distance.

Is there anything Elon can’t do?