What if you could customise your garden to be able to grow what ever you want in a set and forget manner?

That is precisely what Farmbot does, this robotic gardener will plant the seeds, water with the precise amount required as well as the weeding and testing of the soil – all you have to do is pre-programme the layout of where you want the different vegetables.

This represents another step in the internet of things which we are seeing rapidly being introduced to the household, meaning your house is truly becoming connected with you. Moreover the Farmbot represents another step in the direction of returning to a time when people grew their own food, albeit a lot more sophisticated one.

Preorders are now possible at a price of $3000 with a return on investment projected at the 5 year mark, plus of course you get a really cool super futuristic robotic gardener. However in my opinion we will see a lot more competitors enter this space and dramatically reduce the price, so if you can hold on, then maybe it is better to do so.

I think the real value in this technology is being able to implement it into a vertical garden facility and really creating some results.