With cities such as Beijing being absolutely clogged full of smog to the point there are some days you cannot even leave the house, this little experiment could be a relatively simple answer going forward.

Tree wi-fi is a simple device that measures the quality of the air and if it is below a certain level of air pollution, then it emits free wifi for everyone, if it is above that level, it will send information on how to help clean up the air instead.

Now this may not seem like ground breaking technology – and it isn’t – what it is instead is an attempt at making everyone do their part for air pollution and cleaning up the skies. It makes everybody take responsibility for the issues rather than just relying on the government to fix the problem. Not only that but this experiment could be repeated across additional other areas such as sewage in streams, rubbish in the ocean etc

So whilst tree wifi is a cute little experiment, the ramifications of this idea could actually be the kick up the butt we need to lift our game and start healing our planet.