Dan O'Rourke

Dan O'Rourke

Dan works on the super yachts, sailing around the Caribbean and many other tropical paradises. Earning the big dollars Dan started saving hard in order to be able to invest in properties in his homeland of New Zealand, however when it came time to actually doing the deal the fact that Dan was considered an offshore tax resident means he was put into a separate category with different rules to follow. In this episode we chat about how being a global citizen can complicate the investing process even within your own country of citizenship and how he was able to overcome these hurdles to invest in property.

About The Episode

Dan grew up in Auckland New Zealand. He has spent his childhood growing up on and around the water. After the 2000 Americas Cup came to Auckland, he decided to pursue a career in super yachting. Since then he has travelled over 50,000 nautical miles to all corners of the globe.

With Dan’s interest in property investing and start-ups, he started to invest in properties around the world while he sails the seas. Find out how he does it on this jam-packed, first episode of An Investor Going Global with Kyron Gosse!


Show Notes

03:30 “There’s so many different ways to make money in property.”

11:50 “Having a trusted team is everything.”

33:24 “Being location independent is the best thing in the world.”