Uber is introducing flying taxis within 3 years.
This development means that, in the future, commuters will be able to access a network of small, electric VTOL aircrafts that can provide fast and reliable flying transportation. We have long known that the project was in the works, but now, Reuters reports that Uber has finally picked the first cities that will benefit from the service.

The company is set to deploy their flying taxis first in Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai, and they assert that they will do so by 2020.

As mentioned in various other posts, flying cars are seriously going to change how we live and what we consider a commutable distance. Take many large cities today where a 1 hour commute is relatively common, well if you still consider one hour by flying taxi, then that opens up a much larger space for people to live in and helps relieve the housing issues currently faced by large cities.

Transportation experts believe that we are no more than 10 to 15 years away from having fully operational, autonomous flying taxis. And at the rate Uber and other companies are going, it looks like their predictions are right.