What if failure was an option?
What if when you failed there was a safety net?
How would that change the risks you take, whether you work for an employer or whether you start up your own business.

These are some of the many questions posed by this very interesting article that talks about Universal Basic Income and if it could be the next step in human evolution.

If you haven’t heard of UBI – it is the concept that every single citizen receives a base salary – no questions asked, no discrimination against rich and poor.

The argument is because of automation the number of jobs are going to decrease thus sending humanity into a massive recession with no foreseeable exit. UBI could mean that at least people will have enough money to afford to buy the basic necessities in life – shelter, food, water.

Read the article and comment below – do you think UBI will be the solution to the problems that arise from automation ?

Universal Basic Income Will Reduce Our Fear of Failure