The biggest mission around colonising space, particularly starting with those celestial bodies that are closest – the moon and Mars, is how do you protect residents from the harsh space conditions and how do you even build a house in those types of conditions?

Well now we might have an answer as researchers have just successfully managed to 3D print bricks out of simulated moon dust – melting together the soil to create bricks that a robot can then build into a house. This technology will be a game changer in space colonisation – which if Elon has his way, really isn’t that far away – because now we can send robot workers ahead of manned missions to set up and create the camp for the humans to arrive in.

Space colonisation is going to be completely different from when our ancestors colonised new lands, because robots will be able to create habitats for us to survive in, before we even arrive. Give it 100 years and we will literally have humans who have never even been to Earth.