Lilium Jet's all-electric flying car

Watch this all-electric ‘flying car’ take its first test flight.

Posted by The Verge on Thursday, April 20, 2017

“We were promised flying cars, instead we got only 140 characters”

Is a once famous quote proving to be on the verge of reversing as more and more flying car technology emerges and twitter, well, lets just say I don’t know too many people who love it.

With the race to create flying cars on, with Lilium Jet completing its first unmanned tests of a design that is seriously way ahead of its competitors.
100% emission free and using 90% less energy than drone type flying vehicles this vehicle has vertical take off and landing, before moving into cruise or flight mode.

The company envisions that autonomous flying cars will become an every day occurrence by 2025, being able to simply order a ‘taxi’ at the push of a button (in whatever form smart phones have in 2025) and can take you from point A to point B at approx. 300km/h.

This is going to change city centres as paying a premium price for well located real estate close to the city centre becomes irrelevant given you will be able to live 70km outside the city centre and still be in the CBD within 15 mins. Better yet their model is much cheaper than a taxi and in the long term, could cost you about the same as a bus ticket.

As Lilium put it themselves:

Air pollution, noise, congestion, and ever-increasing real estate prices are problems most larger cities face. Yet they also offer a range of opportunities: in culture, education, entertainment, and last but not least, jobs. With Lilium it becomes possible to profit from these benefits without the downsides of either high real estate prices or long travel times.

Lilium will have a massive positive social and environmental impact:

-Lilium will reduce travel times by a factor of 5, so people can live in the countryside and still work in the city.
-Apartments in the city will increase in affordability, since living close to work is no longer a factor.
-Lilium will reduce the need for a car, which means there will be less transit traffic and less noise in our cities.
-Lilium jets require virtually zero infrastructure investments like roads or bridges. Landing pads can be developed by anyone, Lilium will only provide the requirements and invest in the early phase to push distribution.

Welcome to the beginning of the age of the Jetsons

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