We are on the verge of something massive – it is something we can barely fathom, because for the first time in the history of homo-sapiens we might become a multi terrestrial species.

As we sit here on our pale blue dot, sparking wars over small amounts of land and oil, we forget that there is an entire universe out there with an abundance of land, more room than we could ever dream of, more resources than we could know what to do with.

There is a new space race happening, and this time it is not between governments, it is private corporations such as Space X which is opening up space for everyone.

Now this is obviously not going to effect real estate prices any time soon, however it does make one think. – What happens when we come to grips with just what else is possible, when we realise, we really are one people. How is this going to change areas in the midst of war? Will that open land up and help nations to find peace?

I ask all these questions because colonising other worlds is now a reality. We literally already have the technology, it is just a matter of tweaking it and sending it out to other planets.

The European Space Agency is talking about building a village on the moon and believes it would be possible within 20 years. If successful this will give us the proof and learnings we need to role out the same across Mars, and other planets.

So if you are still sitting there thinking about what is happening to land prices in your suburb. You might be thinking way to small. Not only is there an entire world out there, we are about to have an entire universe at our disposal.