One of the biggest costs when it comes to new housing is the build cost.

However in recent years 3D printing has been adapted into the housing industry with multiple companies competing to be the leader. I have been following their journeys with interest and the one which seems to have the most promise is Apis Cor who have just printed a house for only $10,000.

The other reason why 3D printing in the housing industry is such a gigantic achievement is that it allows people to create their own architecturally designed homes at a mere percentage of the current cost. If you can build a new house in your own design for a fraction of the cost of buying a second hand box type house, then what is that going to do to house prices?

My dream is a world where everyone has a roof over their head, a house that creates its own electricity, grows its own food and collects its own water… all for free. This is a step in that direction.