An old saying that property will always increase is because “we aren’t making any more land”

However the issue has never been a lack of land – the issue is a lack of useable land and proximity. I have covered transport options that are changing proximity in other posts, today lets look at some ways we are fighting desertification – a major issue facing the world today.

German scientists are teaming up with Egypt in order to test reforestation in the Egyptian desert using sewage and waste water in order to reclaim land and turn once arid sands into fertile land… and it works!

Soil in this area would normally be too devoid of nutrients to support new tree growth, researchers have found that by watering the trees with sewage effluent, the plants are able to flourish. The wastewater provides so many nutrients that additional fertilizer isn’t even necessary.

Currently a 200 hectare project is underway, however researchers say in the upcoming years an additional 500,000 hectares could be replanted using this method.

Imagine the possibilities of being able to reforest countries such as Australia, and then combining it with the transportation tech in order to make towns and villages built in the current desert, but still accessible to the main cities within an hour. This would have massive effects on where people choose to live.

Additionally this could solve many of the issues we currently face with waste water and sewage and help towns to go completely off grid, whilst slowly reversing desertification around its borders.

So next time you go to the toilet just think, your waste could be healing deserts.